Campaign Finance Reform, Or #WTF?!

Democrats, Republicans, and their friends have accepted $3 billion in campaign contribution for the presidential election, or roughly half of the 2011 National Science Foundation’s budget. 

RNC Political Director Rick Wiley, no pun intended, slithered to the top of the DC fecal pile to tweet -Sidenote: thank you twitter for making the political process even more Shakespearean- the following “taunt” 

.@messina2012, check this out bro, we raised north of $100 million in June. I’m assuming u & Axe will need beers 2night bro  

The standing record for money raised in a month belongs to Barack Obama for September 2008 when he raised $150 million. 

My eyes are bleeding, but as this is a preexisting condition I get every 2-4 years I am glad I can get covered before the next election. 

For roughly 6 times the federal budget of PBS and NPR. 

we get this: 

… and it works! I’m not surprised. After all we are the same country that has Glenn Beck Selling us food insurance:

Day 52 (endorsement)

Do I play the cynic or the supporter in this one? Do I pat the president on the back, or deride him for schilling for political gain?

I suppose I could do both, or neither.

I think neither.  

Day 33 (A New Low for Shapiro)

I thought that the death of Andrew Breitbart, and his burial in our collective server’s sewers would give rise to something better than this piece of shit by Ben Shapiro. 

This isn’t even responsible blogging, and I am LEFT “watching the watchers.” 

What I think might even be worse is that Ben might actually buy into his own particular brand of fecal matter.

According to Shapiro: 

Obama endorsed Occupy Wallstreet -which he never did- and the movement is antisemitic -which it isn’t- because it has a public forum where a cretin posted an antisemitic, anti-Obama cartoon. 

This is just lazy sloppy “writing,” even for a piece. I mean if you are going to convince people that occupy is tied to Obama and is antisemitic, perhaps the best way to do this is not with a cartoon that is insulting to both Jews AND Obama. 

This argument is the equivalent of saying, Mitt Romney endorsed which is racist because the comments section has racist posts from people. 

Excerpt from comments section for THIS EXACT article:

Sorry, but there’s no problem facing Israel that several million Jewish immigrants from there to the US wouldn’t solve. They win, the US wins.

That’s as ignorant a comment as saying if we kicked all black people out of The United States in 1850 we would have a zero crime rate …

Looking at the crime statistics, it WOULD go down sharply.  

Now if only one of these comments also mentioned Mitt in a negative light the hypocritical stupidity of this loose stool sample excuse for a worthless blog post would be complete.

Ben Shapiro thanks for managing to lower the bar further with every putrid breath you take…

A Boyscout troupe leader committed a triple murder in 1985, and you know the honorary president of the Boyscouts of America is the President of the USA, so he must have endorsed it. I guess Ronald Reagan is endorsing murderers.


Day 29 (spring)

Spring is upon us again with a bang. You can almost taste spring in the air, smell it on your clothes, and hear it from the crackling explosions thousands of miles away near the diplomatic quarters in the Green Zone. 

Another summer of ice creams and death, followed by at least one more before we achieve “peace with honor.”

I lost the war to my morning hangover, and like the current administration I intend to keep losing it day after day without reevaluation. Thankfully, however, my hangover is not lethal to anything but my brain cells.