Old Posts and Prose

Whiskey filtered coffee washes down the medicine like it has a trillion times before. Puns notwithstanding the old repertoire returns; “Fight for your rights!” inevitably done at some backward party where capitalism is a love story, told by some fat bloated saint, our hero of moderation. “Education is the opium of the masses!” they shout as they take their pitch forks and point them towards their books. Burn it all down! Long have they awaited the coming of the new conspiracy theory. What is it this time? Activism seeps out of their pores at eighteen, and into the street, the righteous indignation of the commoner, organizing hypocritical follies, cannon fodder for the fringe benefits, no brain to call their own they bray like sheep. The same day in perpetuity, rinse and repeat, society their dandruff. Cum drunk they violate themselves in the names of social justice. Whore themselves out to the highest bidder, but whore is no longer an acceptable word, wiped from our memories burned from the books. Burn it all to the ground and maybe something new will form from the ashes, a new empire, made up of piss and vinegar.

Facebook links and glory holes have a similar way about them; both involve dicks telling you what to do. The other day my porn site asked me if I wanted to share my video on facebook, perhaps it too saw the allegory potential in anal sex.